Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fishing For Tomorrow

According to the latest NOAA fishery bulletin, the expected recreational Red Snapper season will be 40 days this year, down from 48 days in 2011. This will no doubt cause a raucous among the user groups as the stock is known to be rebounding and fish are getting bigger. This spurs educated fishermen, Environmental Non Governmental Organizations, regulators, and fisheries to continually work together trying to find systems and solutions to our growing problems. There is outcry for some extremist groups to repeal and rewrite the Magnuson Act, responsible for getting us to the point of rebuilding potential we are currently at.  And constant complaining about the system, or the data, or the charter fishermen, or the commercial fishermen for causing the problem. As we see our season get shorter year by year it becomes obvious that the complaining and blaming hasn't been very effective so far, in case you weren't aware of that already.

Meanwhile, this week in St. Petersburg, Florida, I was invited by a group called FishSmart to participate in a fish survivability workshop relating to barotrauma. For simple purposes, barotrauma is the effect on a fish such as Red Snapper or Grouper when it is brought up from depth and has a stomach out its mouth, eye popping out of the head, and/or overinflated or ruptured swim bladder. Although these effects appear life threatening and detrimental, research shows that fish are actually capable of recovering from these effects if handled properly and in a timely manner.

There are two main schools of thought about helping fish to recover from barotraumatic effects. Venting and recompression. Venting is when you poke the fish behind the pectoral fin releasing gasses from the swim bladder so the fish has the opportunity to swim back to the bottom. Recompression is a fairly new tactic which involves rapidly sending the fish back down to or near the bottom where it came from. This process show a lot of promise for the survivability in the future and should be a hot topic moving forward. I was also able to acquire a new product called The Seaqualizer for recompression and I am really looking forward to getting it out on the water and trying it out as the seas calm down and we begin to start the Galveston deep sea fishing season early this summer.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Coastal Stuffed Flounder

Of all the fish caught on our Galveston fishing charters, Flounder have got to be among my favorite!  They may be a little funny looking, but they make up for it in taste.  Stuffed, Fried, Broiled, baked, grilled, or blackened... Flounder is delicious.  Not everyone is blessed with a life on the Gulf Coast, but here's a way to take a little piece of the coast home with you.  This is the perfect time of year to take home some fresh flounder from your Galveston fishing charter.  

To complement a great recipe and delicious fish, this week we launched a Flounder Friday Special on Facebook.  Anyone who claims the offer will receive $50 OFF their Galveston Fishing Charter booked on a Friday in November or December.  Just to sweeten the deal, mentions this article when booking, and receive an additional $50 OFF.  Happy Holidays from Fishin Addiction Charters!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Going coastal... A Fall Favorite

Flounder caught on a Galveston Fishing Charter
While the calendar says winter time is fast approaching, you'd never know by the weather outside in Galveston, Texas. We have been blessed with almost a full month of 70 degrees and light winds on the island. This is perfect weather for almost everything outdoors, especially fishing!

This is another great time of year for a Galveston fishing charter, fall and early winter are flounder season! They are fun and easy to catch, but more importantly, absolutely delicious!

Call today to book your next Galveston fishing charter and have a blast catching these awesome fish, don't worry if they're a little funny looking though.

Also, I'm putting the finishing touches on another great recipe for our fans and followers. In the meantime, enjoy some ceviche with an ice cold beer one last time before the cold weather sets in for the next couple months.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Local Fish, Local Problems

A very interesting piece in the NY Times at the beginning of the month speaks to how great some fishery problems can be solved at a local level.  The article found here: A Growing Movement for Community Supported Fisheries

This process and system will trump economics and policy across the fishery world.  By developing a community interested in sustainability is a tough process, but will no doubt solve some problems facing our growing demand for seafood.  It's about the future, not the belief of the past when it comes to fish.  Last time I checked, I couldn't taste how popular a fish was to catch when its on my plate next to a cold beer or glass of wine......

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Running of the Bulls!

The ocean is just full of waves... The tides, the swells, and even the fish move in waves. Each species has a preferred time to make their wave to the Gulf to spawn, reproduce, and return to Galveston, Texas or their respective bay system.

This years run for the 'bull reds' has just begun and will be a great time for fishing over the coming week through mid to late October in Galveston. These fish out up a fantastic fight and travel in huge schools! It is not uncommon to catch 20, 30, or even 50 in a few hours on our half day Galveston fishing charters.

A little about bull red, they're not a different species or anything. Just a big red drum, or redfish. Typically red drum are restricted to a slot limit from 20-28 inches to protect the spawning population. Each year you are allowed to harvest 2 of these big fish, over 28 inches, if you choose to use your oversized red drum tag on your Texas fishing license. This is the time of year most of these fish are harvested, especially on Galveston fishing charters.

Each year in the Fall these fish congregate in the passes to migrate offshore and reproduce in massive schools by the hundreds and thousands.

This is a truly magical time of year to be fishing in Galveston, Texas. Huge fish in great numbers, that average anywhere between 30 and 50 pounds make up the majority of the catch aboard our Galveston fishing charter boats.

In closing, I just wish I had a dollar for every time I've been told "this is the biggest fish I've caught in my life" on our Galveston Fishing Charters!!!

Mention this blog and receive $50 off your Bull Red trip with Fishin Addiction Charters, call 512-639-9188 to make your reservation!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Galveston Fishing... Now a Ghost Town

For almost 6 months of Galveston fishing season now, I've made that familiar walk down the dock checking out the boats and making a living as a Galveston fishing guide. Often enough to get to know which boats are new, the ones that need some TLC, the ones that are away for repairs, and the one that haven't moved all season when I could be running a great fishing charter on it. Sad thing to see a great fishing boat go to waste!

But now that Labor Day weekend has passed, and school is back in session... Those days are almost gone again. Galveston fishing season is winding down, and gives way to hunting season. Fish are old news, but the doves, ducks, geese, and deer hunting are what is IN!

It just feels strange to go check on the boat and do a little maintenance in peace and quiet, but it's time for a little rest. And before you know it, March will be peeking around the corner again and we will be back on the water for another great season of FISHING in Galveston, Texas!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Thanks to our great deckhand Roy we've got a spot in the Fishing Report Section of Coastal Angler Magazine.  Just another way to keep in touch with the fish and the fishermen of Galveston, Texas and Fishin Addiction Charters.

Check out Coastal Angler Magazine for the latest reports and new gear in fishing.  Great fishing articles and new tactics to try out on the water.

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About Fishing Charters, what are you paying for?

Around the docks in Galveston, Texas or most any port across the gulf really. There are guides and outfitters ready to take people fishing on any given day, and in most weather conditions. These people make a living on the water, taking people fishing either part time or full time. But with all the different options to choose from, how can you decide what you're looking for from a website and a conversation over the phone?

Some people prefer to learn an area on their own, bringing their boat, and personal fishing tackle with them. But let's face it, not everyone owns a boat, much less a boat for bay fishing, offshore fishing, skiing/wake boarding, and fishing in freshwater too. Many people choose to just leave their boat and tackle behind, and rely on a fishing guide or outfitter for their local knowledge and expertise on the water. Whether you're looking to just catch and release or put fish in the box to eat for dinner, a good fishing guide can make all the difference between a chartered fishing trip and just an expensive boat ride.

There are a few things that set fishing guides and outfitters apart.  Service, quality of equipment, and price.   Any guide or outfitter can be a great guy as many of them are, but that is completely different than service.  A good question when you're searching for a trip is, will we there be a deckhand on our trip?  Only the most professional operations have a deckhand for their trips, it's a way to bring the price down.  A good deckhand will be there to help teach you how to fish, net or gaff fish, and help you throughout the trip with almost anything you need.  Deckhands always work for tips on fishing charters, so that's how you reward them for a job well done.  No one wants to leave the dock wondering if they'll make it back!  Look at some pictures on the website about the boat, see if it's new or has new engines, or does it look like it's just waiting to sink at any moment.  Finally, the price.  There's an old saying "you get what you pay for" and it holds true for fishing charters.  Fishing is their business, not just a hobby, and charters aren't the lowest price by accident.  Guides and outfitters may be chartering without permits, or insurance, licenses.  These are all highly illegal!  Other ways could be cheap or faulty equipment, no deckhand, lack of experience, and hidden fees for fish cleaning and bait for the trip.

It may seem like fishing guides and outfitter are just out to get you with all the things to look out for, but you can really notice the difference if you've been on the 'good deal' fishing trip.  Next time you're looking for a fishing trip, these things to consider should help you be much more prepared to ensure a great day on the water.  Make a few calls and see which fishing guide seems like a good fit for you, ask a few questions to know what to expect, and bring a camera to have some fish pictures to show your friends when you get back home.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

The rain has finally cleared off and the old familiar heat and humidity has returned here in Galveston, Texas.  Just in time for our Red Snapper season to come to an end for the year, we have tight lines and good times here with the Captains of Fishin Addiction Charters.  Over the next few weeks our offshore trips will be focusing on King Mackerel, Cobia, Dorados, among other delicious fish.  I'll be sharing a few great recipes in the coming days for these great fighting fish hitting the dock.  For Galveston deep sea fishing, Amberjack season opens up on August 1st, adding them to the box of blackfin tunas, and a grouper would make a great trip and tons of memories to take back home.

From the jetties, we continue to catch nice redfish, speckled trout, spanish mackerel, and some sharks.  Here is the perfect example from a recent jetty trip we had.  This little girl caught some great fish including a some tournament class slot redfish and a 6 lb speckled trout.

The most recent development for both inshore and deep sea fishing charters is the opening of Federal Shrimp season here in Texas.  With it comes a great new fishing opportunity for pelagic fishes offshore, and BIG Sharks inshore.  This is the perfect time to go chase that big shark along the beachfront of Galveston, Texas.  This is a very unique type of Galveston fishing charter, and is a challenge for anglers of any level of experience.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

The July Report

As far as the fishing report, it's been almost two different world as far as inshore and offshore lately.  There has not been a day thus far in the Red Snapper season that Capt. Dan has left the dock on the fountain without returning with a limit of BIG Red Snappers just like this from offshore!  Meanwhile, at the jetties and in the bay, the fishing has seen its ups and downs day to day.  Since my last update we were catching great speckled trout every day and redfish mixed in.  With the latest shift into the full moon came ripping tides and rainy days.  This has made it tough to find the trout and reds, but we are still hitting the dock with a few, but made up for it with sheepsheads in good numbers.  As the lightning and thunderstorms danced around us yesterday on the water, we nailed those nice trout again.  Gettting back just in time for the heavy downpour with a box of trout, with 2 over 23 inches and I have faith that when the weather gets better I'll be right back on the fish.
With a great bay trip behind me for the morning, I met Dan at the dock to see another solid day of Galveston deep sea fishing... Little did I know, my day was pretty good, but their day offshore was just spectacular.  The deckhand, Roy started unloading with the usual big Red Snappers,  nice kings, and a couple big cobias.  Then they pulled out the surprises, 2 nice wahoos, and 12 awesome dorado!  Great trips guys, and a big thanks to all of our happy clients over the past few weeks.  Happy fishermen leaving our boats is why we are in this business, and why we are up early every day working for y'all.  
Also, a special thank you to our guests, and newest members of the Charter Fishermans' Association.  We are proud to have your voice in improving sustainability and access to our nations' fishery resources.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fishing Update

Over the past week here in Galveston, Texas we've seen a huge swing in the weather.  After running from thunderstorms and lighting just a week ago, we are graced with scorching heat.  The fish don't seem to mind too much though as we have been doing very well catching good numbers of trout, redfish, and big sharks at the jetties and snappers, and kingfish offshore.  Check out these picture from our recent Galveston fishing Charters.  Deep sea fishing pictures coming soon, but the fishing season and summer are in full swing so come on down to Galveston, Texas and have a great time with the Captains of Fishin Addiction Charters.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Other Side of Professional Fishing

As I talk more and more about the fishery issues we represent, I might as well give a brief overview of the issues we have been working on at the national level for those who wish to know. Over the past few months, I have made several trips to Washington, D.C. to meet with House and Senate offices from across the gulf about fishery issues.

It began with a large trip to maintain funding for the exploration of flexible and accountable management tools in the charter for hire and private recreational fishery. Charter captains from across the gulf took the time away from their businesses and busy schedules to talk to their representatives in DC about the issues facing our industry.

About a month later, I returned to speak against the Commerce, Justice, Science appropriations bill proposed by Congressman Southerland from Florida. This bill was an attempt to block the implementation or development of catch shares from the DC level. While I respect everyone's views on catch shares, I believe there should be no management tool removed from exploration for our fishery managers. Bills such as this are the perfect example of attempts to bypass the local decision making process, where everyone has an equal seat at the table, and regulate fisheries from Washington. Although the bill passed the house, it has not been introduced in the senate as of yet.

The second trip I made was to meet with congressional and senatorial office across the gulf about the Fishery Investment and Regulatory Relief Act (FIRRA). In support of this bill we are trying to gain traction and sponsorship from the southeast to regain funding from NOAA that has been slowly diverted over time from the Saltonstall-Kennedy Act. It is estimated that since 1979, $13.1 Billion has been diverted from the regional management councils. This money was set aside to be used for cooperative research, stock assessment, data collection, and Exploration of new fishery management tools. Our success is still pending as this bill is in the very early stages, but we hope for it to gain traction over the next months and after the election madness that's coming up later this year.

The most recent trip is actually being completed as I write this on the plane returning to Houston was to express our overall support of the Magnuson Stevens Fishery Conservation Act. This is the landmark piece of legislation that is responsible for protecting our fisheries, and it's reauthorization in 2006 mandated that we take action to end overfishing. At the time of reauthorization, the fishery was in serious trouble and has since made a fantastic recovery. Magnuson is working, but the problem we have now is an access problem and a 27 year old fishery management plan. That's a topic for another time, but the main focus on Magnuson is IT'S WORKING!

For now, it looks like I'll be able to relax and just go back to fishing and providing access to the american non boat owning public. As more legislation threatening this access comes out of the usual area, I'm sure I'll make the trip back to DC. But for now it's time to just sit back and enjoy the good times to come as the Memorial Day Weekend on Galveston Island!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Those Pesky Snappers

After the long awaited announcement of what we have left of  Red Snapper season in federal waters this year, we finally got our answer a few weeks ago. This year we will have 40 days. From June 1-July 10 this year we will be able to legally harvest those pesky Red Snappers in federal waters. In the few blue water and Galveston shark fishing trips we have had this year, the Red Snapper seem to be really  thick and good sized heading into the season.

Book your Galveston fishing charter today, before it's too late. Our boats are filling up fast for deep sea fishing trips during this limited season, so don't wait too long to get your reservation. Last year we managed to bring limits of 10 pound fish to the dock nearly every day, so we hope to improve upon that with your help.

On a separate note, make sure you also talk to us about your membership to the Charter Fisherman's Association. We want to represent the fishermen on our boats at all levels and work hard to improve the access and sustainability of our fisheries. Your voice will be heard as a member of the Charter Fisherman's Association at all levels. We appreciate the opportunity to make lasting memories with every fisherman on our Galveston fishing boats and look forward to continuing to provide access to Americas non boat owning public in the future.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fishing at all Levels

After a few very busy weeks, I've finally gotten around to getting another update from the crew of Fishin Addiction Charters. It's been a crazy few weeks here in Galveston, Texas with some fantastic fishing going on. This weekend looks to hold a lot of promise as well.

I've been traveling back and forth to our nations' Capitol talking to congressional and senatorial offices from across the Gulf about some critical issues to the Charter industry. Meanwhile, Captain Dan has been finishing up the school year with finals and getting warmed up for the great Galveston fishing season ahead.

A couple weeks ago I was greeted with a great surprise.  My mom, dad, uncle, and grandpa joined me for a Galveston deep sea fishing trip and a morning at the jetties. I knew nothing about it until they showed up the morning of the trip. We had some great times and managed to catch and release some nice red snappers while bringing home this nice kingfish along with a cobia (ling) and several chicken dolphin. As for the blue water trips, we have getting good numbers of amberjack and king mackerel with a few nice wahoo and groupers mixed in.  This past week I had some friends from Liberty Hill, Texas where I went to high school join me and get rewarded with our new boat record for speckled trout. This great fish was about 8 pounds.

With 2 more days of fishery lobbying behind me for this month I am really looking forward fishing the rest of the week on the Gulf Coast. Looks like I'll be returning for another round of lobbying next week to continue the fight for improving our fisheries at the federal level. I appreciate the opportunity to represent the millions of Americans who rely on the Charter for hire industry as their lifeline to this nations fishery resources.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

What a Difference a Few Days Can Make

After another great week in Galveston, Texas the fish are still biting.  The week got off to a rough start with some horrendous weather , but the weather settled back down as the week moved along and we were able to get back on the water safely.  Thursday we were greeted with light winds and calm seas, fishing at the Galveston jetties was truly at its best!  On the left is a picture of the radar taken on monday... and on the right is the catch we brought in Thursday from our Galveston Fishing Charter.  

After catching enough for a meal or two, our guests decided to just enjoy the day catching redfish after redfish and safely releasing them.  A great way to ensure successful days of fishing for our future.  Overall we were able to catch over 20 redfish, with sheepshead, gulf trout, and some really nice speckled trout.  Captain Dan even caught an undersized snook, which is a very rare catch for the upper Texas Gulf Coast.  

Over the next 2 weeks the Captains of Fishin Addiction Charters will be taking two very different paths.  Captain Dan will be continuing to run fishing charters and going to school at U of H Clear Lake.  I have been invited to attend the FishSmart Gulf of Mexico/South Atlantic Workshop on Improving the Survival of Released Fish Focussing on Barotrauma in St. Petersburg, Florida as part of a continuing effort to improve our nations' fisheries.  The following weekend, we will have a full slate of trips before I head of to Corpus Christi, Texas for the highly anticipated Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Management Council Meeting as a member of the Charter Fisherman's Association and it's ongoing goal to achieve sustainable and accountable status for our fisheries in a way that will increase all user groups' access to our nation's natural resource.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kicking off the Season in Style

Another great weekend on the water is coming to an end here in Galveston, Texas and it has been another very productive one along the Galveston jetties as well as for Galveston deep sea fishing.

At the jetties, we found some really good fish along the end of the North Jetty catching nice sheepshead, black drum, and a bull redfish on light tackle. The bite was great for both the morning and the afternoon Galveston fishing charters. We expect the fish to just keep moving in and to begin seeing more speckled trout and slot reds in our catches as the excellent weather hangs around and water temperatures continue to climb.

As for the day of deep sea fishing, Captain Dan and his fishermen for the day were blessed with calm seas and magnificent weather out 80 miles offshore. They were able to box 5 nice Amberjacks a few King Mackerel, a Warsaw Grouper, as well as a Wahoo. Definitely a great way to get the year started deep sea fishing and got some fantastic pictures in the process.

We work hard to put our customers on the fish they deserve, and it gives us great pleasure to be your choice for access to the fantastic resource we call our home.  Please show us thanks by supporting our Charter Fishermans' Association and continuing to fish with the captains of Fishin Addiction Charters in Galveston, Texas.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tight Lines and Good Times

It's been a long crazy week here in Galveston, Texas but the Captains of Fishin Addiction Charters would like to take the time to say thank you to all of those that we were able to take fishing this past week for Spring Break. This has been one of our busiest and most productive years ever in terms of the numbers of fish caught and memories made for our customers. The weather has been near perfect and we look forward to more great days on the water as the Galveston fishing season moves along.

Here is an interesting picture I managed to take on our fantastic Galveston fishing charter on Friday afternoon. We were on the very end of the North Jetty looking back towards Bolivar Peninsula and nearly all of the fishing boats in the picture are charter guides, including 5 federally permitted charter boats. This was just one afternoon of an entire week of Spring Break fishing charters here in Galveston, Texas. I feel safe saying people enjoy their fishing charters across the entire Gulf of Mexico for Spring Break.

That's all for now as I have to get back to the Yacht Basin for another Galveston fishing charter this afternoon.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finally Fishing Again

Now that Mardi Gras is over, the spring time fog banks have decided to just take over the Galveston, Texas beachfront almost every day now.  But if you find the right day there is still a great escape from the gloomy weather pattern leading into the spring and the beginning of Galveston deep sea fishing season.

This past sunday was one of our first Galveston fishing charters of the new year.  The forecast called for a cool and windy morning, so Captain Dan decided to push the trip to the afternoon and what a great call that was.  Our clients were rewarded with near perfect weather for their trip as the wind calmed down and the sun came out for the entire afternoon.  With the recent cold front passing through Galveston, the water was still dirty at the jetties for the first hour until the tide finally brought us back some nice green water to get the fish biting.  We ended the day with 8 nice sheepshead and release a few undersized redfish.

Tuesday, I was blessed with an invite from a friend to go offshore for the maiden voyage of a friends new 31 ft Cape Horn offshore fishing  boat.  He wanted to just take it out for a quick offshore trip to see what it was made of.  We got a bit of a late start and met up with that familiar fog bank until about 20 miles offshore.  After the fog finally broke, it was blue skies and calm seas all the way out.  We fished around Stetson Bank for Kingfish and dropped down a few times at some rigs for Amberjack or Grouper with no luck.  But with a couple hours of fishing behind us and a long trip in to be home about 5 hours later than they told their wives, we decided to call it a day. That boat has got to be one of the best riding fishing machines I have ever fished on, and gets great fuel economy the entire trip.  We made it back to the dock in the late evening with 3 nice Kingfish and two upset wives.  It was a great experience to teach them a little bit more about the secrets of charter fishing and how to get the most out of your boat and gear.  A big thanks to my friend for the invite and I look forward to the next deep sea fishing trip on that awesome new boat!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Great Time For Galveston

As what we called Winter in Galveston, Texas this year finally coming to an end, our little island is about to start the transition into tourist season.

It all starts this Friday with the kick off of Mardi Gras presented by Yagas Entertainment, followed by the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Art-walk, Spring Break, and an early Easter weekend at the beginning of April.

After the extended Easter weekend, there may be a few last weekends to relax and soak up the sun, but all bets are off once the new, highly anticipated Historic Galveston Island Pleasure Pier opens as projected sometime in May. By this time, summer will be in full swing as Memorial Day officially kicks off the Summer season and tourism will be booming again!

As these events unfold we look forward to finally taking people out on the water again to enjoy a great days of Galveston fishing charters to complete their trip to Galveston Island. With the beginning of Spring also comes the warming up of the fantastic fishing we have grown accustomed to in the bays, along the jetties, and in our offshore waters.

Stay tuned for more updates, articles, great events, and Galveston fishing reports as we get back on the water to continue making memories with Fishin Addiction Charters. So give us a call and book your next adventure on Galveston Island today!

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Lets just go fishing

Greetings from Mobile, Alabama at the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council Meeting. We have had the pleasure this week to work with fishermen and fishery management officials as we continue an effort to improve our nations' fisheries through sustainable management practices developed by all user groups involved. It's been a relatively quiet week, but there are some crucial decisions coming up at the next meeting in Corpus Christi, Texas this April. Among the highlights of the week were an update on the Grey Triggerfish population, moving forward on the proposed Greater Amberjack regulations, and a step towards adding artificial reefs as an Essential Fish Habitat.

The update on Grey Triggerfish revealed a concern that the population is declining, and will possibly be closed in the near future. Further exploration should reveal more insight as to why the population is decreasing. There were suggestions made by several fisherman during public testimony that Red Snapper predation may be a source of this decline. Possibly the most important of the topics discussed for our industry was with Greater Amberjack. The council entertained possibilities of increasing the size limit and changing the season. After much debate among council members and input during public testimony, the amendment was moved forward and will recieve final action in April. The concern by fishermen as well as some council members is that by raising the size limit and adjusting the season we will be disregarding our current plan after only one year. The largest concern with respect to size limit is that although from a biological standpoint, 34 inches is the best for the stock. The increase in discard mortality to catch fish of that size will be very high while at the same time reaching the total allowable catch faster as larger fish are being targeted. The proposed seasonal closure in March, April, and May does not offer flexibility to any recreational fishermen any prized species to target outside of the expected Red Snapper season. This will drastically cut the number of fishing days of all recreational fisherman and essentially cripple charter guides already hurting from a very short Red Snapper season. There is also work being done to attempt to add artificial reefs to the list of essential fish habitats, but this possibility will be further explored in April after reviewing the current language of the EFH definition.

The actions taken and items discussed in Mobile this week set the stage for some possibly monumental decisions coming out of the meeting in April with regards to the charter for hire industry and recreational fishermen. The biggest and most heated topic will be a scoping document regarding sector separation for the charter boat fleet. Sector separation in the recreational fishery would essentially be giving recreational and charter fishermen the ability to create a flexible, accountable fishery management plan that allows more access to the fishery for the American public. Adding the final action on Greater Amberjack, possibly making artificial reef an essential fish habitat, and the announcement of the federal Red Snapoer season coming in between make for a very packed agenda effecting recreational fishermen across the Gulf of Mexico.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Fishin Addiction

With the great surprising weather we've been having here on the island this January it's been a tough time to be cleaning up the boat and getting things in order for the next few months and the beginning of the season.  Hopefully everyone enjoys the new site and has checked us out on Facebook or is following us on Twitter.  Make sure you tell your friends and family about us as well!  We are very excited about the coming weeks and should be gaining a little nationwide exposure if things go as planned so stay tuned!