Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Galveston Fishing... Now a Ghost Town

For almost 6 months of Galveston fishing season now, I've made that familiar walk down the dock checking out the boats and making a living as a Galveston fishing guide. Often enough to get to know which boats are new, the ones that need some TLC, the ones that are away for repairs, and the one that haven't moved all season when I could be running a great fishing charter on it. Sad thing to see a great fishing boat go to waste!

But now that Labor Day weekend has passed, and school is back in session... Those days are almost gone again. Galveston fishing season is winding down, and gives way to hunting season. Fish are old news, but the doves, ducks, geese, and deer hunting are what is IN!

It just feels strange to go check on the boat and do a little maintenance in peace and quiet, but it's time for a little rest. And before you know it, March will be peeking around the corner again and we will be back on the water for another great season of FISHING in Galveston, Texas!!!


  1. I need some red snapper in my fridge! When is the season over?

  2. Snapper season ended on July 16th this year for federal waters, but in the great state of Texas we have a year round season inside 9 nautical miles. They're more of a challenge to catch, but delicious as any other snapper!