Monday, July 9, 2012

The July Report

As far as the fishing report, it's been almost two different world as far as inshore and offshore lately.  There has not been a day thus far in the Red Snapper season that Capt. Dan has left the dock on the fountain without returning with a limit of BIG Red Snappers just like this from offshore!  Meanwhile, at the jetties and in the bay, the fishing has seen its ups and downs day to day.  Since my last update we were catching great speckled trout every day and redfish mixed in.  With the latest shift into the full moon came ripping tides and rainy days.  This has made it tough to find the trout and reds, but we are still hitting the dock with a few, but made up for it with sheepsheads in good numbers.  As the lightning and thunderstorms danced around us yesterday on the water, we nailed those nice trout again.  Gettting back just in time for the heavy downpour with a box of trout, with 2 over 23 inches and I have faith that when the weather gets better I'll be right back on the fish.
With a great bay trip behind me for the morning, I met Dan at the dock to see another solid day of Galveston deep sea fishing... Little did I know, my day was pretty good, but their day offshore was just spectacular.  The deckhand, Roy started unloading with the usual big Red Snappers,  nice kings, and a couple big cobias.  Then they pulled out the surprises, 2 nice wahoos, and 12 awesome dorado!  Great trips guys, and a big thanks to all of our happy clients over the past few weeks.  Happy fishermen leaving our boats is why we are in this business, and why we are up early every day working for y'all.  
Also, a special thank you to our guests, and newest members of the Charter Fishermans' Association.  We are proud to have your voice in improving sustainability and access to our nations' fishery resources.

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