Monday, August 13, 2012

About Fishing Charters, what are you paying for?

Around the docks in Galveston, Texas or most any port across the gulf really. There are guides and outfitters ready to take people fishing on any given day, and in most weather conditions. These people make a living on the water, taking people fishing either part time or full time. But with all the different options to choose from, how can you decide what you're looking for from a website and a conversation over the phone?

Some people prefer to learn an area on their own, bringing their boat, and personal fishing tackle with them. But let's face it, not everyone owns a boat, much less a boat for bay fishing, offshore fishing, skiing/wake boarding, and fishing in freshwater too. Many people choose to just leave their boat and tackle behind, and rely on a fishing guide or outfitter for their local knowledge and expertise on the water. Whether you're looking to just catch and release or put fish in the box to eat for dinner, a good fishing guide can make all the difference between a chartered fishing trip and just an expensive boat ride.

There are a few things that set fishing guides and outfitters apart.  Service, quality of equipment, and price.   Any guide or outfitter can be a great guy as many of them are, but that is completely different than service.  A good question when you're searching for a trip is, will we there be a deckhand on our trip?  Only the most professional operations have a deckhand for their trips, it's a way to bring the price down.  A good deckhand will be there to help teach you how to fish, net or gaff fish, and help you throughout the trip with almost anything you need.  Deckhands always work for tips on fishing charters, so that's how you reward them for a job well done.  No one wants to leave the dock wondering if they'll make it back!  Look at some pictures on the website about the boat, see if it's new or has new engines, or does it look like it's just waiting to sink at any moment.  Finally, the price.  There's an old saying "you get what you pay for" and it holds true for fishing charters.  Fishing is their business, not just a hobby, and charters aren't the lowest price by accident.  Guides and outfitters may be chartering without permits, or insurance, licenses.  These are all highly illegal!  Other ways could be cheap or faulty equipment, no deckhand, lack of experience, and hidden fees for fish cleaning and bait for the trip.

It may seem like fishing guides and outfitter are just out to get you with all the things to look out for, but you can really notice the difference if you've been on the 'good deal' fishing trip.  Next time you're looking for a fishing trip, these things to consider should help you be much more prepared to ensure a great day on the water.  Make a few calls and see which fishing guide seems like a good fit for you, ask a few questions to know what to expect, and bring a camera to have some fish pictures to show your friends when you get back home.

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