Monday, January 27, 2014

Spring Break Special

Big Uglies on a Spring Break Sprecial
Although the cool and windy winter weather has set in across the Gulf Coast, there are still a lot of opportunities tower a line and catch some nice fish. Flounder in the early winter and the way to the annual Wahoo run to kick off the year.  We offer year round fishing charters in Galveston, Texas for a reason... Because we have fish to catch all year round.  

Galveston Redfish Charters
Here's a brief overview of a winter of fishing in Galveston, Texas. Starting around the end of October, Flounder start gathering for an annual migration offshore.  These delicious fish are in full swing through November and early December. While they're moving through we can also catch big bull Redfish as well.  To start off the new year there are still big Redfish hanging around, mixed in with them are also big Black Drum often ranging between 20 and 50 pounds. These are the perfect trips for kids to catch a big one! 

Deep Sea Fishing in Galveston, Texas.  65+ pound Wahoo!
Galveston offshore fishing and deep see fishing does have a short lull around November and December, while it's usually pretty rough with the passing cold fronts.  But, around January, one of the best tasting fish in the ocean starts together around 100 miles offshore. WAHOO!!!  These fast swimming, hard fighting, beautiful fish are a blast to catch and a delicacy to eat.

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Bluewater Galveston Fishing Charter with Galveston Sea Ventures.  Great haul with a bonus 75 pound Wahoo!!!!!

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